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Did you know having a kitty is not only fun but can actually be good for you? It’s true 🙂

Here are some health benefits of owning a cat:

Reduce Stress

Having a cat is great for heart health by reducing your stress. Don’t you feel better when you come home and your kitty gives you some affection? Hearing kitty’s happy purrs is music to a cat lover’s ears and soothes the soul too!


Provide Companionship

Cats may have the reputation of being standoffish, but those of us who have had the pleasure of having a kitty in our life, know that they can be very loving. Cats provide companionship and joy to our lives!

Better Sleep

Cat owners report getting a better night’s sleep when their furry friends shares the bed with them. Is it their soft, cuddly fur or perhaps their soothing purring that helps us drift off the dreamland? Perhaps both 🙂


Fewer Allergies

Being exposed to cats early in life can mean not only avoiding being allergic to cats, but also to ragweed, grass, and dust mites.

Stay tuned for future posts with more benefits of cat ownership.